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Manual Therapy

Therapeutic and Spa Modalities

Massage works to lengthen muscle fibres, increase mobility in joints, and increase the flow of blood, bringing restorative oxygen into the soft tissues, and carrying away toxins. The benefits of touch occur on multiple levels, restoring the electromagnetic organisation of the body, and helping to switch nervous system functions from "fight or flight" to "rest and repair", where deep healing can begin.

Movement Therapy

Personalized Programs

By asking a task of our bodies, we engage with the body's natural neuro-plasticity to build new pathways, strength, and resilience.  Personalized movement programs encourage active engagement in recovery from injury, and empower you in your own healing process.

Physical therapy on leg
Dance Class

Public Classes

Learn within Community

Movement is one of the primary ways we know ourselves in the world.  It is through movement that we express, experience, and expand our capabilities.  Learning in the context of community integrates our personal progress through joyful interaction and shared experience.

** Public movement classes are currently on hold as per BC provincial Covid guidelines. **

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Massage Oils

“The greatest wealth is health”


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